Large Animal Services

Dr. Michael Lunsford and Dr. Chelsea Baxley operate a primarily mobile large animal practice serving Washington and Benton counties in Northwest Arkansas. Haul-in cattle working facilities and horse stocks are available for those preferring to bring animals in. Our “general” large animal veterinary practice strives to serve the needs for the hoofed animals- cattle, horses, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and pigs.

Although we prefer to have you haul into the clinic for large animal appointments, our doctors can travel to you if necessary.

Most procedures or treatments can be performed at your location. Farm calls are made any day of the week with no minimum service requirements.

Farm Service Calls

Preventive and wellness care is an essential component in our large animal practice. Our goal is to reduce infectious illness or have early detection of adverse health conditions before they become major problems for your animals. Yearly herd health evaluations, and physical examinations on individual animals are highly recommended. This is usually done at “herd work” time for bovine and small ruminants, and when annual “Coggins” and vaccinations are due for our equine patients. Preventative health programs will be tailored to the specific needs of each client, depending upon the variable needs in each situation. We feel that large animal ownership should be both enjoyable and/or profitable, and assuring that minimal health problems occur is the means to that end.

Preventative and Wellness Care


Prompt medical care for sick or injured animals, or those experiencing birthing difficulties, are the mainstay of our large animal practice. Herd health, wellness programs, and preventive medicine services are provided either through direct veterinarian involvement or telephone consultation. Our doctors are federally accredited to provide regulatory services such as Coggins testing, issuing health certificates, Brucellosis vaccination and testing, among others.


Diagnostic radiology is utilized to locate, define, or rule out an internal abnormality. We also have a portable x-ray unit for use in the field if necessary.


Digital Radiology (X-ray)


We can perform on–site testing for a large variety of conditions. This allows us to more quickly diagnose problems and initiate appropriate treatments as soon as possible.

Our equipment allows us to perform such tests as Complete Blood Counts, Blood Chemistry Profiles, Thyroid tests, Heartworm Testing, Fecal Parasite testing, Parvovirus tests, Giardia tests, Skin scrapings to detect mange, cytology for ear mites and infections, dermatophyte (ringworm) cultures, and more.

Additional test can be submitted to an outside laboratory via overnight courier with most results received within 24 hours.


In-House Laboratory Testing


Dental procedures are performed using power grinding equipment, and always under moderate sedation.

Oral examination, routine teeth floating, correction of dental abnormalities, balancing molars and incisors, and wolf tooth extraction are some of the services offered.



Equine Dentistry


After hours and weekend emergency services are provided by Dr. Lunsford and Dr. Baxley. Requests for emergencies are handled via cell phone. Messages left will be returned as quickly as possible. If our doctors are unavailable, our message will indicate such, and an alternative area veterinarians would be recommended. We strive to return calls within the hour of receipt of that call. We will not leave clients wondering if their call will be answered.

Emergency Services


Office Hours


7:30am- 5:30pm

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Large Animal Services

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Large Animal Working Facilities

We have a 3600 sq feet large animal barn with state of the art equipment that includes a hydrolic tilt chute, scale, and working pens for our bovine patients. We also have stocks and a few holding stalls for horses, sheep, goats, and pigs.

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